The global marketplace in today’s world has shrunk greatly with all our modern advances in technology. This is why we at Window Classics have put such great emphasis at servicing customers abroad.

With over 25 years servicing the international export market, Window Classics represents a large selection of products that are specifically developed to address the needs of this very demanding markets each with their own unique and individual challenges. Our export department team travels the Caribbean and Bahamas along with Central and South American, to offer superior sales, training, and service to all our customers abroad.

Our promise is to offer quality products delivered on time and to your specifications, that meet some of the stringent demands of the international export marketplace. We welcome the chance to have our dedicated export staff consult with you on all of our specialty finishes, hardware, and custom options that are made just to meet the harsh demands of living near the coast.

Export services offered include:

  • Shipping made easy from any Florida port or your preferred freight forwarder to ensure timely delivery.
  • Territory Managers with experience in the unique need of your individual market that will visit your jobsite to ensure proper fit and installation.
  • Installation training and materials are available to make sure that your project is done correctly and to your local specifications.
  • Factory trained service technicians are available to assist on any issue that may arise and to confirm that the product performs to manufacturer specifications.
  • Shop and installation drawings available for your unique installation needs.
  • Products available in custom sizes to fit in existing openings.
  • Numerous different product options available on our many different product lines to meet harsh coastal environments.