Whether you are remodeling, replacing or building your new dream home, Window Classics knows how important it is to plan ahead and stay prepared. Our expert sales staff is committed to giving you the smoothest experience possible, right from the very beginning. Our Florida marketplace can be very code driven causing many frustrations for even the most experienced of builders. We will review you plans and design to make sure we are providing the right products and solutions to fit your specific needs.


Florida’s biggest blessing is also its biggest curse. Sunshine and sea breeze are some of the best parts of living in our beautiful state, but they can wreck havoc on homes and construction materials. Maybe your windows have seen better days. Maybe you are simply looking to upgrade to the latest in High Velocity Hurricane Zone impact storm protection. Whatever the case may be, we have products that are designed with you in mind. Replacement level products that fit seamlessly into your existing home while also adding the character and quality you desire.


Window Classics is backed by our factory trained installation branch, Classic Installations. This gives us the unique ability to provide competent personnel on re-modeling type projects. Field measuring, site specific engineering, qualified supervision, and, unique product recommendations are just some of the details that we make sure to provide on your behalf as you embark on re-making your existing home. We aim to give you the most comprehensive and experienced team in the market today.

New Construction

Custom Luxury Homes are our forte. These are the type of projects we are passionate about at Window Classics. We aim to give you the best experience possible from the very beginning, by consulting with your architect and builders to make sure all the details are just right. From shop drawings to final punch out, we strive to be there for you every step of the way and leave a lasting impact on your home that you can be proud of.


Luxury isn’t exclusive to custom homes. Whether you are building a new five-star restaurant or an upscale resort, we carry a wide array of product offerings to fit the commercial marketplace and make your project stand out. From storefront to curtain walls to all wood products designed to meet the strongest impact codes in the country, we are willing and ready to help take your project to the next level by providing the best solutions for you while keeping within our promise of giving you the best customer experience possible.


We all know that historical projects can be the most challenging in the industry. Taking the design, look, and feel of century old windows and re-engineering them to meet today’s modern standards is not for the faint of heart. We pair our experienced sales staff with leading product manufacturers such as Marvin Window and Doors and Kolbe Windows and Doors to achieve your desired results. Through this collaboration and painstaking attention to details, we’ve been able to achieve success in respecting the art of yesterday’s architecture while giving the protection and advances of today’s technologies.