Classics Installation is our own factory trained installation branch and a state certified glass and glazing contractor. They are capable of working with you to make sure all the proper permitting and installation is completed on your project.

We will review your project plans to make sure our products are all exceeding the required wind load pressures and building codes specific to your project. Using your plans we will prepare the correct Notice of Acceptances and permit package materials in order to present them to each municipality and will follow through with them at each and every step to make sure the proper permits and paperwork are received.

Once the permit is acquired, our experienced and knowledgeable group of installers will go over every measurement and detail necessary to make sure our installation meets the standards you expect from us, right down to the last screw. We will communicate with your builder to make sure a quick and proper installation takes place so that each window and door will work the way they are supposed to, ensuring our products last for a lifetime.

Installation Services Offered Include:

  • Engineering and Support for accurate wind design pressure calculations
  • Shop and Installation drawings
  • Permitting assistance
  • Product Approvals (Notice of Acceptance or Florida Approvals)
  • Installation to Local Building Code
  • Water Proofing and Sealants
  • Adjustments and repair before final C.O.
  • One year warranty on labor