Window Classics provides state-of-the-art resources to aid professionals working in the high-end residential and commercial window and door industry. These include consultation in design, specification, plus full logistical and technical support by service technicians and installation professionals to assure a seamless, cost-efficient process.

At their command, architects, builders and remodelers have a vast selection of Window Classics’ products supported by a traditional high standard of service, reliability, and creativity.

We believe in satisfying our professional clients by providing products and services that meet their needs and by responding quickly to their concerns and problems. By following this policy, we have developed many repeat customers at all levels.

Currently, Window Classics has several hundred key clients within Florida and the Caribbean. These include some of the most prestigious architects, designers, luxury custom home builders, and remodelers in our industry.

Some of our services include:

Consultation in Design:
Window Classics’ expert sales staff has a vast amount of experience and will put that to use by working with Architects, Builders and Homeowners in order to make sure that their design ideas and architectural style are shown through our products.

Product Plan Review:
At Window Classics, we also pride ourselves in our ability to review your plans and help you find a product that is right for you. We have an expansive amount of knowledge in regards to design, building codes, and meeting specific needs. We put our wide selections of products to use and work with you to make sure your experience with us is a successful one.

Architectural Support:
Our staff is highly trained and capable of meeting all your architectural needs. From shop drawings to installation details, we can do it all and we’ll work to make sure that you are provided with all the materials needed to make your project move along quickly.

Wind Load Engineering:
With our headquarters location in the middle of South Florida, we know all about the demands weather can place on a home. That’s why we offer to provide you with wind load pressure calculations and work to create a proper set of elevations and plans that will meet the requirements for your area.

Service Department:
While we strive to make sure all our work is perfect the first time, we know that unforeseen issues are a reality of life. That’s why our factory trained service technicians travel the state to ensure that any issues that arise will be met with a timely and satisfactory resolution.

Installation Professionals:
Classics Installations, our factory trained installation branch and state certified glass and glazing contractor, is capable of meeting all your permitting and installation needs. They will use your plans to create a permit package for your project for each municipality to review and we follow through with them to make sure all required permits are acquired. We also have factory trained installation teams with a wealth of experience with our products that will make sure your project is installed the right way.

Because of our commitment to our work and the various services we offer, Window Classics has built relationships with several hundred key clients within Florida and the Caribbean. These include some of the most prestigious luxury custom home builders in our industry.