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Marvin Windows and Doors: Built Around You®.

As a premier manufacturer of made-to-order windows and doors, Marvin creates superior value with their craftsman-quality products, energy-efficient technology and industry leading amount of shapes, styles, sizes and options.

For over a century, Marvin has been family-owned and operated which means it takes pride in upholding the lessons learned in their lifetime. With a commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and integrity, Marvin’s heritage of outstanding products and services has grown through four generations of family traditions.

Marvin builds their products with the environment in mind and this shapes the way in which they run their facilities. Their decisions are made with core issues like sustainability as a driving force, starting from the processes they use, to the products they build and even down to the power they use. Marvin is truly committed to making the best, products the best way they know how.

Integrity® from Marvin Windows and Doors: Ultrex® Advantages.

Strong, stable, durable and virtually indestructible, Ultrex® is possibly the perfect building material and it’s created from Marvin’s leading Integrity™ line. Ultrex® products are made from pultruded fiberglass and testing has shown that Integrity’s Ultrex® material outperforms vinyl and roll-form aluminum by almost ever measure.

Ultrex® is durable to the point that diamond-edge blades are needed just to cut it to size during the manufacturing process. It’s eight times stronger that standard vinyl offering and rivals the strength properties of steel.

Ultrex® is one of the most rigid materials in the industry which ensures that your Integrity windows and doors will last. Sliding, cranking, raising and lowering can become problematic as windows and doors age but Integrity’s products are built to maintain themselves and are sure work like new even are years of age and useage.

For more information on why you should choose Integrity™ from Marvin, visit Ultrex Advantage.

Marvin StormPlus®

StormPlus® is designed to meet the toughest weather conditions Mother Nature can throw your way. Coming from the state of Florida, the Caribbean or Central American, we all know storms and hurricanes are a real issue. StormPlus® has a product line specifically designed to meet the codes in our region and protect your homes from real danger.

StormPlus protection features include laminated glass, reinforced sashes, frames, locking points, hardware reinforcements and safety engineering.

StormPlus products and options are designed, rigorously tested, and certified for use in Impact Zones 3 and 4 to meet and exceed pressure of over 120 miles per hour in accordance with the International, State of Florida and Miami Dade County building codes.

For more information on why you should choose StormPlus®, visit StormPlus today.

Just in case you need more options or complimentary products, Window Classics also has various other offerings for you to choose from and we are sure one of them will suit your style and personal tastes.

Additional Window and Doors lines carried by Window Classics include:

  • PGT Industries
  • CGI Windows and Doors
  • Weiland Sliding Glass Doors and Windows
  • WinDoor Incorporated
  • Craftsmen in Wood
  • TruStile Signature
  • Majestic Entries

We also offer various Architectural Hardware lines to complete the look of your designs.

Please feel free to browse the complete Product section of our site for a more complete look at all our product offerings.