Window Classics - Inspiration, South Florida

Architect Challenge:

Enter the MyMarvin Architects Challenge. This one of a kind contest allows you to become the inspiration by competing in Marvin’s yearly Architect Challenge. Winner’s are chosen by a panel of judges and will have their work featured on the Marvin website.
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Case Studies:

The true test of windows and doors isn't a listing of features and benefits. It's how they enhance the look and feel of your home and your life in it. View the case studies below to see how Marvin windows and doors have made these homes into dream homes.
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Browse through Marvin’s Artist Project and Life Remodeled sections to see some leading designers put their ideas into real life Marvin works.
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See Marvin windows in action in their photo and video galleries that are sure to help inspire your own design ideas.
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Signature Products in Production:

Just as the title says, Marvin’s Signature Products page shows a current listing of all their current Signature products in production to use as a case study for future projects.
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